What to Do with a Truck Accident in Pueblo

The average driver of a passenger vehicle encounters big rig trucks, 18-wheelers, buses and other massive commercial vehicles every day during their commute, as the drivers of these huge vehicles must share the road with us. We are all responsible for a standard of care to one another to ensure safety. Truck drivers are required to go through training and certification to standardize practices when it comes to the rules of the road. However, problems occur when these rules are ignored, overlooked, or forgotten and that’s when a truck accident occurs.

In Colorado, our experience is that driver negligence is the single most common reason for truck accidents on the road. When you’re a victim of a crash with a semi-truck, bus, or other large commercial vehicle, the next steps are vital. While you’re receiving full medical attention for your injuries from the truck accident, you should also be simultaneously pursuing legal action against a trucking company and its insurers.

The goal for our truck accident clients in Pueblo and other Colorado communities is to obtain the very best settlement for damages attained during the accident. Here are the essential next steps for what you need to do after a truck accident:

Stay at The Crash Site

Remain at the scene until both the police and emergency medical crews have arrived. Try to leave the vehicle in the position where it came to rest after the crash, this will preserve any evidence of what caused the wreck, along with the damages and any injuries from the truck accident. This is not always possible, so place a priority on safety.

Call 911 For Help

These large truck collisions typically result in severe injury due to the sheer size of the truck involved in the accident. Safety is your top priority after a truck accident in Pueblo. If you can, call emergency services immediately by dialing 911. The police can help gather eyewitness accounts while creating a crash report.

Take Photos, Capture Video, Record Audio

The immediate crash scene provides the strongest opportunity to capture the evidence you will need later to prove you were harmed due to negligence.  If your injuries permit, take photos of the damage to any vehicle involved, the intersections or significant landmarks, take note of skid marks and any other details that tell the story of the accident.

Having a fresh record of the facts and what happened can be critical- details tend to change or can be forgotten with the passage of time. Remember, truck accident lawsuits can take months or longer to reach a conclusion. Keep these safe for your own records and make backups.

Exchange Information with Other Drivers

You will absolutely need this information later, so if possible, gather the following information from other drivers involved:


Phone Number

Driver’s License Number

License Plate Number

Insurance Carrier/Name of Agent

Insurance Policy Number

Don’t Make Statements About the Crash

Insurance companies make it a goal to settle early and for as little as money as possible. Do not make statements about the crash without speaking to a truck accident lawyer first. A witness could have seen the other driver texting, a stop light may have been malfunctioning. Even if you have a sense of responsibility for the accident, take some time, get a lawyer, and ask the appropriate questions.

Have Your Case Evaluated By A Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s important to have an experienced advocate on your side. Someone who understands how to fight big insurance companies that pour massive amounts of money into protecting truck drivers. You do not have to go at it alone, contact Alhasoon, Glidden & Glidden today!

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