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How to Get Your Teen to Drive Better

As every parent knows, trying to keep your children safe is something that can keep you up at night. The world is full of worrying things, but when it comes to your young teenage driver, your concern can seem like it’s holding them back from their greatest dream! Whether you’re worried about your teens driving in big cities like New York, or simply around Fort Collins, Colorado, there are a couple of tips you can employ that can help your teen to drive better.

Show them the behavior you want them to exhibit

While instructing your teenager to be safe behind the wheel is important, you may find that they are resistant to the direct approach. Anyone who has ever experienced their teenager kicking out against the rules knows that this can be a continually challenging experience. So how do you get them to take vehicle safety seriously, without feeling like doing so will lose them their credibility?

It helps to show, rather than tell. The subtle action of showing your teen how to drive safely and to respect the rules of the road is a great way to instill habits into them. If they see you driving with care and attention, you’re already halfway there!

A 2012 Study by Toyota found that the bad habits a young person exhibits behind the wheel are often picked up from their parents. It’s important to remember that every time your child is in your car, they are learning how you interact with the world from behind the wheel, so do the right thing and show them good, safe habits.

Show them exactly what can go wrong

Not just the purview of young people, it can be easy to assume that bad things on the road happen to other people. As you well know, when you’re behind the wheel of a car, it’s not always up to you how your road experiences go.

So, it’s important to make sure that your teenage driver has an understanding of the impact that unsafe driving can have for all concerned. As the statistics on intoxicated and dangerous driving keep increasing, it’s important to make sure that your teen is aware of the damage that can happen.

Some research has also shown that encouraging your child to interact with the victims of car accidents can make them focus on what can go wrong, and how life-changing the reality of a car accident can be.

Make sure that your teenager is aware of the impact of accidents, and the realistic consequences of being in a road traffic accident. The aim is not to terrify your child, but to show them what can happen if they drive unsafely, as well as preparing them for what to do should they find themselves in a car accident.

Driving is a great joy, and you want to make sure your child can benefit from the freedom and independence of being behind the wheel of a car – while also being safe. You can also contact AGG Law Offices if you want to find out the steps your teen might need to take should they be involved in an accident. Our attorneys are parents too, and we will fight hard to make sure your child gets the justice they deserve.

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